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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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​​Watershed Monitoring

The LSRCA is continually involved in various kinds of monitoring activities: water quality testing, animal population surveys, groundwater and stream flow monitoring, and lake and river level monitoring.

The information collected from these activities is used to track trends and predict future changes in the environment, like climate change. The information also alerts us to identify and locate the origins of problems.

The LSRCA operates:

  • 32 ambient water quality monitoring sites detecting nutrient levels, metals, and general water quality, in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment.
  • 14 river flow stations, and another seven in partnership with Environment Canada.
  • 13 groundwater monitoring wells, in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Five year-round precipitation gauges.
  • 54 fish population monitoring locations.
  • 54 benthic invertebrate monitoring locations.
  • 54 tributary water temperature monitoring locations.
  • 10 lake water quality stations.
  • 49 lake biologic monitoring stations.

Data Portal​

This Data Portal is designed to share environmental monitoring data from t​he Lake Simcoe watershed collected through field research, instrumentation and long term studies on a variety of key parameters that inform us of the health and well-being of this ecosystem.

Visit the data​ portal to view river levels, ground water, lake conditions, water quality and more!