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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy

Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy (LSEMS) is a program that identified and measured the sources of phosphorus entering Lake Simcoe. Remedial measures were then evaluated and recommended to reduce these inputs and work toward cleaning up Lake Simcoe.

The links below are to reports in PDF that comprise the body of evidence that LSEMS is based on.

Final Reports

  1. State of Lake Simcoe Watershed 2003
  2. Lower Holland River Erosion Control Study (A1)
  3. Lake Simcoe Tributary Monitoring Data Report, 1982 to 1992 (A2)
  4. Technical Report A.3 Stream Bank Erosion Inventory, Volume I
  5. Technical Report A.3 Stream Bank Erosion Inventory, Volume 2
  6. Annual Water Balances And Phosphorus Loading for Lake Simcoe (1990 - 1998) (A4)
  7. Phosphorus Loading To Lake Simcoe, 1990 - 1998: Highlights and Preliminary Interpretation in Historical and Ecosystem Contexts (A5)
  8. Phosphorus Modelling And Control Options (A6)
  9. Development And Implementation Of A Phosphorus Loading Watershed Management Model for Lake Simcoe (Implementation A6)
  10. Lake Simcoe Our Waters, Our Heritage
  11. The Benthic Alga Dichotomosiphon tuberosus in Lake Simcoe 1986, 1987 (B1)
  12. Dichotomosiphon tuberosu A Benthic Algal Species Widespread in Lake Simcoe, 1985 Technical Report (B2)
  13. The Predictability Of Hypolimnetic Dissolved Oxygen Depletion in Lake Simcoe - Part 1 (B2)
  14. Estimated Outflow From Lake Simcoe At Atherley, 1982 - 1986 (B3)
  15. Aquatic Plants Of Cook Bay, Lake Simcoe - 1987 (B4)
  16. Duckweed Harvest From The Holland River (B5)
  17. Assessment and Control of Duckweed In The Maskinonge River, Keswick, Ontario (B6)
  18. The History Of Phosphorus Sediment And Metals Loadings to Lake Simcoe from Lake Sediment Records (B7)
  19. The Hypolimnetic Oxygen Dynamics in Lake Simcoe: Part 2 Evaluation using time Trend and Model Simulation Techniques (B8)
  20. Lake Simcoe Hypolimnion Aeration - An Assessment Of the Potential for Direct Treatment (B9)
  21. Lake Simcoe Nearshore Water Quality Monitoring At Water Supply Intakes - 1982-1989 Data Report (B10)
  22. Status in 1990 of the Dominant Benthic Alga Dichotomosiphon tuberosus in Lake Simcoe, 1991 (B11)
  23. Estimated Monthly Flows and Exports of Total Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Lake Simcoe at Atherley, 1991 (B12)
  24. Water Quality Trends In Lake Simcoe, 1972 - 1990: Implications For Basin Planning and Limnological Research Needs (B13)
  25. Hydrodynamic Computer Model Of Major Water Movement Patterns in Lake Simcoe (B14)
  26. Estimation Of Phosphorus Loadings And Evaluation Of Empirical Oxygen Models for Lake Simcoe for 1970-1990 (B15)
  27. Hypolimnetic Oxygen Dynamics In Lake Simcoe - Part 3: Model Confirmation and Prediction of the Effects of Management (B16)
  28. A Limnological Basis For A Lake Simcoe Phosphorus Loading Objective (B17)
  29. Lake Simcoe Water Quality Update, With Emphasis On Phosphorus Trends (B18)
  30. Lake Simcoe Water Quality Update: Phase II Progress Report, 1995-1999 (B19)
  31. Lake Simcoe Water Quality Update 2000 - 2003 (B20)
  32. Relative Effects Of Major Sources Of Phosphorus Loading on Phosphorus Concentration in Cook's Bay of Lake Simcoe
  33. Evaluation of empirical relationships used to derive the phosphorus loading target for Lake Simcoe with 1996 to 2004 data
  34. Lake Simcoe Basin Wide Report
  35. Annual Water Balances, Total Phosphorus Budgets and Total Nitrogen and Chloride Loads for Lake Simcoe (Imp A.6)