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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2019 Permit & Application Fees

Fee Schedules

The tables below provide a summary of our fees beginning January 1, 2019. It is important to understand our fees policy and schedule as well to know which fee schedule applies to you.

Applications made under the Conservation Authorities Act and O.Reg.179/06

Private Residential Property

​Category ​Fee
​Major Permit Application - Single Family Dwelling
​Intermediate Permit Application (e.g. boathouses, garage)​$1,000
​Minor Permit Application — (e.g. decks, pools)
​Permit — Revisions
​Retroactive Permit
​Double Permit Fee
Legal/Real Estate Inquiries
Letter of Comment

Applications made under the Conservation Authorities Act and O.Reg.179/06

Major Residential (Subdivision), Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Proposals

​Category ​Fee
​Permit Application — (grading, stormwater, outfalls, channel re-location, bridges, etc.)
​Intermediate Permit Application
​Permit Revisions
​Retroactive Permit
​Double Permit Fee
​​Green Energy Permits ​$5,000

Applications made under the Conservation Authorities Act and O.Reg.179/06 

Municipal Proposals

Category ​Fee
​​Major Permit Application (large geographic areas, technical review needed)
​​Minor Permit Application (ditching, like for like culvert replacements)
Permit Revisions

Large Fill Proposals

(>250m3 of Fill Replacement)

Base Fee
​$5,000 + $1/m3
​Retroactive/Unauthorized Works
​Double Base Fee + $1/m3
​Specialty Crop Areas within the Provincial Greenbelt (e.g. top dressing or dyke management)
​Base Fee + 50 cents/m3 to a maximum of $3,000

​Applications made under the Planning Act

​Category ​Fee
​​Block/Neighbourhood Plans — Proponent Driven​$5,000
​Official Plan Amendments — Proponent I​nitiated
​Zoning By-Law Amendments — Proponent Initiated​$1,000
​Draft Plan ​(Subdivision​/Condo) Approval — Minimum Fee​$15,000
​Draft Plan Approval — >60 Lots/Units
​$250/Lot, Unit
​Draft Plan Approval — Maximum Fee
​Final Plan Approval — Minimum Fee​$12,000
​Final Plan Approval — >48 Lots/Units​$250/Lot, Unit
​Final Plan approval — Maximum Fee​$35,000
​Draft Plan of Subdivision — Red-line Revision
​Site Plan — Residential/Institutional (>15 units)​$17,000
​Site Plan - Residential/Institutional (<15 units)
​Site Plan — Residential (single-unit)/Agricultural
​Site Plan — Golf Courses, Aggregate; Minimum Fee​$15,000
​Site Plan — Golf Courses, Aggregate; Maximum Fee ​$30,000
​Site Plan Commercial and Industrial
​Greater Than (>) Three (3) Technical Re-Submissions
​Site Plan ​ Water Balance Review Only (WHPA Q2 Area)
​Water Balance Review (WHPA Q2 Area)​ - Typical Technical Review
​Phosphorus Offsetting Policy (POP) Review Only
​Consent/Minor Variance Application 
​​Developmental Potential Review - Planning (in writing)
​Peer Review (e.g. Geotechnical Study)​Cost Paid by Applicant

Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) Review

Minor ECA Stormwater Works Review for <2ha
  • ​Typically minor site plans
  • Municipal projects >2ha
Moderate ECA Stormwater Works Review for 2ha to 5ha
  • Typically larger site plans and condominiums
  • Municipal projects 2ha to 5 ha
Major Stormwater Works Review for >5ha
  • ​Typically draft plans of subdivisions and major site plans
  • Large scale municipal projects >5ha
​Minor Stormwater Conveyance Systems
  • Local municipal roads, 500 metres long or less
​Major Stormwater Conveyance Systems
  • Large road projects, arterials, greater than 500 metres in length
​Site or Topic Specific Technical Expert Peer Review
  • This is for the rare instance where there is need for an outside Technical Expert (i.e. geotechnical)
  • All external fees will be agreed upon by applicant prior to commencement
​$500 + TBD Technical Review Fee
​​Technical Reviews (Non-Application)

Minor Technical Review
  • Site visit, due diligence review, minor technical studies
Major Technical Review
  • Detailed studies including floodplain analysis, detailed boundary dilineation, peer review of existing reports