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Parking Lot Design Guidelines​

​​​​When parking lots are designed with winter maintenance in mind, they naturally require less salt application to maintain the same level of service without increasing liability. Using less salt in parking lots will help to mitigate anticipated chloride increases in local watercourses as urban development continues.

To assist with this goal, LSRCA and our partner agencies have developed 'Parking Lot Design Guidelines to Promote Salt Reduction'. They includ​e design features, site plans, template municipal policies, and next steps intended for use by designers, regulatory agencies, owners, contractors, amongst others.  

The guidelines and associated documents and drawings are available below for download.


Fact Sheet - Parking Lot Guidelines


Parking Lot Design Guidelines - Full Report


Municipal Policy Template

​Read about the sources of salt, chloride levels and a quick overview of parking lot design guidelines.
This report presents four primary design features that have the
potential to reduce salt use.
​The following template policies were created for incorporation into municipal planning tools upon the next scheduled update.

​Documents for Download

CAD Files

Design Feature Drawings - CAD
Site Plan Drawings - Institutional
Site Plan Drawings - Large Commercial
Site Plan Drawings - Medium Commercial
Site Plan Drawings - Small Commercial

PDF Files​

Site Plan Example - Institutional Property.pdf
Site Plan Example - Large Commercial Property.pdf
Site Plan Example - Medium Commercial Property.pdf
Site Plan Example - Small Commercial Property.pdf