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​​​​Family at Play

Looking for some fun activities to do with your whole family? Look no further - everyone in your family will enjoy these simple, ​nature-based activities that are easily adapted to suit your child's age and abilities. Guaranteed fun for everyone!

Featured Activities

Find Me Cards


Print and cut these cards​ or make your own! ​

Two ways to play:

  1. ​Give each player a card and see who can be the fastest to find something that matches. Increase the difficulty by increasing the number of cards to match for each round (ex: give each player 4 cards and they need to find one object for each card)
  2. Give each player 2 cards, the first person to find an object that matches both cards wins!
  3. Shuffle the cards, and flip them over. The first person to find an object to match the top card wins!

  1. ​Lay out 5 cards in a line and work together to find one item to match each card!
  2. Place the card pile on the ground. Allow each player to grab a card and find a match, and continue until each card has been used. Can you find 2 items for each card?

​​Math Sticks

It's time for Math Sticks! Check out this easy math activity, perfect for kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 students.​​


​Step 1 - Measure your sticks
Step 2 - Shave the tips (use a veggie peeler & ask your parents for help)
Step 3 - Colour the tips
Step 4 - Math time!​

Looking for something for grade 3 students? Give Flash Math​ a try!

Print and Play