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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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  • Holland Marsh Onion HarvestHolland Marsh Onion Harvest
    a photograph of onions after being harvested in the holland marsh. The onions are on the field in rows.
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On the Farm

Farmlands are a vital part of our landscape and makeup ​nearly 36% of the Lake Simcoe watershed! We've designed a new funding assistance program to help you find workable solutions to protect your soil and water resources on the far

We have funds available to help you:

  • Increase efficiencies in resource use and production
  • Improve soil health and increase crop yields
  • Reduce nutrient and soil loss
  • Protect livestock drinking water to ensure productivity and livestock health

What can you do?

Manage Your Soil

When was the last time you tested your soil? Soil testing plays an important role in crop production and nutrient management. We can cover up to 50% of the cost of soil sampling and nutrient management planning to help you maintain optimum conditions for crop growth. We also offer funding for projects that will improve your soil health.

Manage Your Manure, Nutrients and Runoff

Keep your livestock healthy and reduce your veterinarian costs by improving your manure management, diverting clean water and restricting livestock access to watercourses. We can cover between 50 and 75% of the project costs.

Protect Your Crops with Tree Planting

Reduce wind erosion, protect growing crops, manage drifting snow and improve irrigation efficiency by planting a windbreak. Windbreaks can also protect structures or livestock and lessen noise from busy roads. We cover between 50 and 90% of project costs​, depending on where your land is located. 

Do you farm in the Holland Marsh? Learn more about funding for Tile Outlet Control Structures, Washwater Treatment Systems and Cover Crops.

View the full list of eligible projects.

How can you get started?

The process is simple. Identify a project that will improve your productivity and protect your land. Contact our restoration experts to book a free, confidential site visit to review your project and begin the application process. 

Not sure what projects can support your business? Our Restoration P​roject Specialists can visit your property to help you identify opportunities.