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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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In Town

Our watershed is a vibrant and diverse habitat and a precious source of water. It's also a centre for tourism and recreation - generating over $400 million annually for the local economy! If you live in a town, city, or built-up area in the Lake Simcoe watershed, you can help​ protect our lake by allowing rainwater soak into the ground naturally and planting beautiful native plants.​

What Can You Do?

Organize a Community Project 

Have you wanted to make improvements to your neighbourhood, school or workplace? We have grants and support to help with tree or shrub planting, creating pollinator gardens, removing invasive species, hosting an environmental workshop and more. Find out more

Build a Rain Garden

The lush greenery and vibrant native plants in this beautiful garden feature can reduce your risk of flooding and enhance your home’s curb ap​peal. Rain gardens also help stormwater soak into the ground naturally, preventing polluted run-off from reaching creeks and streams. 

Redirect Your Downspout

Do you know where the rain goes? Rain runs off hard surfaces like your rooftop or driveway and flows into the stormwater drain, into creeks and streams, and eventually into Lake Simcoe. This picks up pollutants and causes high levels of damaging stormwater to reach the creek during storm events, often causing flooding along the way.

Want to do more to help Lake Simcoe?

Support the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation! Their mission is to raise money to support a cleaner and healthier Lake Simcoe watershed by funding environmental projects through LSRCA. Find out more about the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation here.