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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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In the Country 

Fresh air, natural beauty, and peace and tranquility. Living in the country provides many benefits, including a connection to the great outdoors that's not possible in the city. We're thrilled to offer funding assistance for homeowners like you who want to enhance your connection with nature, right on your own property!

Whether you'd like to plant trees and shrubs to attract wildlife or add to your view, or naturalize your streambank with wildflowers and birdboxes, we have funding for you!

We have funds available to help you:

  • Plant vibrant trees, shrubs and colourful flowering plants to stabilize your streambank
  • Beautify your streambank with overhanging trees and shrubs to create shade and attract wildlife
  • Identify opportunities to improve your aging dam or pond structure
  • Reduce home energy costs and increase privacy through tree planting​

What can you do?

Attract Wildlife

Bring birds, bees and butterflies and other wildlife to your home. Install bird, bat or bee boxes, plant a butterfly garden, plants trees and shrubs, or maybe even install a snake hibernaculum. We could even create a wetland or grassland! Let us know what you're interested in and we can cover up to 50% of your project costs.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Do you remember running and playing in the woods as a kid? Going on adventures and learnin​g new things? Imagine creating those unforgettable experiences and connections with nature for your family, on your own property. We can help you plant your own forest by covering between 50 and 90% of tree planting project costs.

Secure Your Streambank and Improve Your Stream or Pond

Do you have a creek, river or stream running through your property? Limit the loss of land by stabilizing your banks using natural approaches. Planting along the edge of a creek enhances your property and creates an inviting space for turtles, birds and fish to come and play. Let us help you fund this, and more. 

If your pond is attached to a stream it is considered "online" which can dramatically warm up the water, making it harmful to fish. Now imagine seeing schools of cold water species such as Brook Trout right on your property. You can achieve this by taking your pond "offline", which might be as simple as redirecting the creek around your pond. And we'll cover up to 50% of your project costs.

How can you get started?

The process is simple. Identify a project that will improve your productivity and protect your land. Contact our restoration experts to book a free, confidential site visit to review your project and begin the application process. 

Not sure what projects can s​upport your business? Our Restoration Project Specialists can visit your property to help you identify opportunities.