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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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Landowner Project List and Funding Rates

Funding is available for:
​Funding Rate
​Funding Cap
​Controlling Cropland Erosion
Farm Well Management: Protection and Decommissioning​50%​$1,500
Clean Water Diversion​50%​$5,000
​Enhancing Wildlife Habitat
​Improving Streams and Retrofitting On-line Ponds
Managing Manure
Managing Milkhouse Waste
​Planting Cover Crops
​$25/acre (for cost of seed)
Planting Trees & Shrubs
​50-90%​Varies based on location
​Restricting Livestock from Watercourses
​75% shared on a maximum of $17/m installed, $11/m materials
Upgrading Septic Systems (limited to municipal Source Water Protection areas)
​Wetland Restoration and Enhancement50%​​$10,000
​Grassland Restoration and Enhancement​50%$5,000​
Tile Outlet Control Structure50%​​$2,000
Wash Water Treatment Systems50%​​$5,000 for de-dirting
$10,000 for water re-use
​Farm Soil and Nutrient Management Planning50%​​$500 
$1,000 (if with other project)
​Community Action (Community Groups and Schools)​100%$1,000​

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