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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A photo of the dog park at Scanlon. The grass is green and surrounding by large trees.
Scanlon Creek Bark Park

We dare you to find a nicer dog park out there.

​Located within Scanlon Creek Conservation AreaEntrance just off Regional Road 4/​Yonge street, 5 minutes north of downtown Bradford. 

​Don’t be misled ​by the forested path off the parking lot, that’s just the beginning. 

1 minute on the path and you get to the gate. Beyond it are 3 generous acres all for you and your pup. Double-gated and fully fenced in. A smaller grassy area is separated out for smaller dogs. 

The rest is expansive! Various pockets of shrubby areas for the curious canines to play 
peek-a-boo. ​

Rows of trees, big and small, for the meandering mutts. 

Plenty of open grassy space in the middle for fetch and tricks. 

Treat the perimeter like a trail and get a walk in for yourself. Lots of benches to rest too.

$50 gains you and your pet access all year. We maintain this spot regularly so it’s always in tip top shape. The regulars have even created their own Facebook group “Bradford Bark Park ... woof woof.”

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  • Bark-Park-1.pngBark-Park-1.png
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  • Bark-Park-9.pngBark-Park-9.png

How to Enjoy the Bark Park

  • ​Bark Park open daily from dawn until dusk, 365 days a year (except during maintenance periods, usually in early spring for the natural regeneration)
  • It is your responsibility to pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it in the receptacles provided
  • Dangerous dogs (Ontario Dog Owners’ Liability Act), must be leashed and muzzled at all times. 
  • Dog park users and dog owners assume all risks while in Scanlon Creek Bark Park.
  • Dog tags must show that vaccinations and dog licenses are up to date. 
  • Children are to be closely supervised by an adult.
  • No food (this applies to human and canine food items), or dog toys are allowed.
  • No choke, spike, chain, pinch collars and head halters allowed.
  • No one may be responsible for more than 3 dogs at one time. 
  • No unneutered, sick or aggressive dogs.
  • Scanlon Creek Bark Park is a smoke-free area. 
  • No puppies under six months allowed. 

Aggressive dog behaviour​​ is not tolerated at the Scanlon Creek Bark Park​.

If you would like to report an incident, please call Bradford West Gwillimbury Animal Services: 905-775-5366 x 1702. Service available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.