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​​​​​​​a photo of handlebars on a bike, with someone riding on a forest trail​Durham Regional Forest

The Durham Regional Forest Main Tract is comprised of plantation forests established over 90 years ago, as well as ​mixed hardwood areas.

This forest encompasses a 596 hectare area that is located at the top of the Oak Ridges Moraine, in the Town of Uxbridge, and is renowned for​ its excellent cross-country skiing, mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding.

More than 16 kilometres of trails in four marked loops and numerous secondary trails throughout the main tract. Contributes to regional and national trail networks.

West Tract Closure

​November 2019

We’re helping ensure healthy forests are growing. How? By actively managing them. 

What does this mean? Forest management activities include making room for trees to grow by removing (harvesting) some of the trees that were initially planted. 

Durham-Forest-All-Tracts.pngClosure D​etails 

​This work requires a temporary and full closure of the West Tract for several weeks starting November 13, 2019. Please note:​

  • ​This closure will be 24/7 throughout the work period
  • There will be no parking available at this location, including off the concession road 
  • Please respect the posted signage and stay out of the project area for your safety 
  • Fortunately there are plenty of other nearby tracts 

Why is this necessary?

Harvesting trees from plantations such as this one allows more sunlight to penetrate the forest, and over time, helps species like maples and oaks to get established naturally among the conifers. 

The variety of species helps improve biodiversity and forest health. Forest management has been occurring here since these plantations were established in the 1920’s, with the long-term goal of restoring natural forest conditions. This operation is the next step in the ongoing evolution of the property from abandoned blow sands to healthy forest cover.

And the proceeds from the harvest generate revenue that goes right back into the required management activities and trail development at Durham Forest: Win-Win! 

Parking Lot Improvements

Now Complete

Thanks for your patience. In collaboration with Durham Region, we removed hazard trees, widened the driveway, and made grading improvements at this parking lot. Now vehicles accessing the Education Centre have 2-way traffic access, improved safety and sightlines. As it’s a big expensive job, we’re hoping to further improve this busy parking lot in phases that are feasible and cost-effective. Stay tuned! 


I have a question, who do I contact? 

Cory Byron, RPF, HBScF, Forest​ry Program Coordinator
905-895-1281, ext. 152 | 

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smartphone-map.pngDid you know you can now access the​ Durham Regional Forest maps 
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