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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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​Strategic Plan

Our goal is for this watershed to be healthier in 2041 than it is today. It may sound simple, but we know the solutions are not.

This strategic plan sets our priorities for the next five years and how we will align our resources to achieve success – with a focus on results, a commitment to accountability, business excellence and a more connected watershed community.

2016-2020 Vision to Action, Action to Results


We envision a thriving environment that inspires and sustains us for generations to come.


Our mission is to work with our community to protect and restore the Lake Simcoe watershed by leading research, policy and action.


We are consistent and honest; we use fair and equitable principles as part of our decision making.

We take ownership for our actions and we measure our success so that we know if we’re doing the right things in the right way.

We listen with the idea of learning from others. We value a diversity of perspectives because we know and respect that varying knowledge and experience can provide important insights.

We encourage and leverage advancements in technology, scientific methodologies and trends in education and communications because these are integral to success.

We continually look for ways to work more efficiently and effectively to get the best results possible from our actions.


Support a safer, healthier and livable watershed through exceptional integrated watershed management.

Drawing on our knowledge and using an integrated approach to watershed management, we will shape our future.

Our efforts will focus on minimizing or mitigating human impacts within the watershed to achieve a balance between future growth and the ecological needs of the Lake Simcoe watershed.

Improve knowledge and increase certainty through excellence in research and scientific knowledge.

As a leading-edge science-based organization, our management decisions are informed through our understanding of the watershed's features, form and functions.

Monitoring efforts within the Lake Simcoe watershed are essential to maintaining and building our understanding of watershed processes, identifying emerging issues and tracking and adapting our integrated management activities to achieve our vision for the future.

Through excellence in research and innovation, we will continually increase our knowledge base.

Create a more connected and engaged watershed community through education and engagement.

We will create a renewed commitment within the watershed community towards conservation for the people, by the people, through communications, education and engagement.

We will build new partnerships and strengthen existing relationships.

We will explore opportunities to engage young and old and continue to be enablers and innovators by transferring knowledge to effect real and lasting change.

Build a stronger and more valued organization through business excellence.

Through our corporate culture and the unwavering commitment of our Board of Directors and staff, we will continue to provide excellent client service and align and harmonize our service delivery to provide added value.

We will continue to explore opportunities for self-improvement by reducing duplication and building business excellence. We will be financially responsible and will align our resources with our strategic plan.