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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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​​​​​Permit & Application Fees

Fee Schedules

The tables below provide a summary of our fees beginning January 1, 2021. It is important to understand our fees policy and sc​hedule as well to know which fee schedule applies to you.

Applications made under the Conservation Authorities Act and O.Reg.179/06

Private Residential Property

​Category ​Fee
​Major Permit Application - Single Family Dwelling
​Intermediate Permit Application (e.g. boathouses, garage)
​Minor Permit Application — (e.g. decks, pools)
​Permit — Revisions
​Retroactive Permit
​Double Permit Fee
Legal/Real Estate Inquiries
Letter of Comment

Applications made under the Conservation Authorities Act and O.Reg.179/06

Major Residential (Subdivision), Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Proposals

​Category ​Fee
​Permit Application — (grading, stormwater, outfalls, channel re-location, bridges, etc.)
​Intermediate Permit Application
​Permit Revisions
​Retroactive Permit
​Double Permit Fee
​​Green Energy Permits ​$5,100

Applications made under the Conservation Authorities Act and O.Reg.179/06 

Municipal Proposals

Category ​Fee
​​Major Permit Application (large geographic areas, technical review needed)
​​Intermediate Permit Application
Permit Revisions

Large Fill Proposals

(>250m3 of Fill Replacement)

Base Fee
​$5,100 + $1/m3
​Retroactive/Unauthorized Works
​Double Base Fee + $1/m3
​Specialty Crop Areas within the Provincial Greenbelt (e.g. top dressing or dyke management)
​Base Fee + 50 cents/m3 to a maximum of $3,060

​Applications made under the Planning Act

​Category ​Fee
​​Block/Neighbourhood Plans — Proponent Driven​$5,100
​Official Plan Amendments — Proponent I​nitiated
​Zoning By-Law Amendments — Proponent Initiated
​Draft Plan ​(Subdivision​/Condo) Approval — Minimum Fee
​Draft Plan Approval — >60 Lots/Units
​$255/Lot, Unit
​Draft Plan Approval — Maximum Fee
​Final Plan Approval — Minimum Fee
​Final Plan Approval — >48 Lots/Units
​$255/Lot, Unit
​Final Plan approval — Maximum Fee
​Draft Plan of Subdivision — Red-line Revision (triggering additional technical review)
​Site Plan — Residential/Institutional (>15 units)
​Site Plan - Residential/Institutional (<15 units)
​Site Plan — Residential (single-unit)/Agricultural
​Site Plan — Golf Courses, Aggregate; Minimum Fee
​Site Plan — Golf Courses, Aggregate; Maximum Fee ​$30,600
​Site Plan Commercial and Industrial
​*New* Site Plan Amendment Fee - Minor (Minimal Review or Revisions)
​*New* Site Plan Amendment Fee - Major (Technical Review Required)
​Greater Than (>) Three (3) Technical Re-Submissions
​Site Plan ​ Water Balance Review Only (WHPA Q2 & WBOP)
​Water Balance Review (WHPA Q2 Area)​ - Typical Technical Review
​Phosphorus Offsetting Policy (POP) Review Only
​Consent/Minor Variance Application 
​​Developmental Potential Review - Planning (in writing)
​Peer Review (e.g. Geotechnical Study)
​Cost Paid by Applicant
​*New* Site Visit Fee (Required for requested site visits that are not subject to a current and open application under the Planning Act.)​

Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) Review

Minor ECA Stormwater Works Review for <2ha
  • ​Typically minor site plans
  • Municipal projects <2ha​
Moderate ECA Stormwater Works Review for 2ha to 5ha
  • Typically larger site plans and condominiums
  • Municipal projects 2ha to 5 ha
Major Stormwater Works Review for >5ha
  • ​Typically draft plans of subdivisions and major site plans
  • Large scale municipal projects >5ha
​Minor Stormwater Conveyance Systems
  • Local municipal roads, 500 metres long or less
​Major Stormwater Conveyance Systems
  • Large road projects, arterials, greater than 500 metres in length
​Site or Topic Specific Technical Expert Peer Review
  • This is for the rare instance where there is need for an outside Technical Expert (i.e. geotechnical)
  • All external fees will be agreed upon by applicant prior to commencement
​$510 + TBD Technical Review Fee
​​Technical Reviews (Non-Application)

Minor Technical Review
  • Site visit, due diligence review, minor technical studies
Major Technical Review
  • Detailed studies including floodplain analysis, detailed boundary delineation, peer review of existing reports