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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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​​Sprouting Seeds

Activity 4 - Art for Plants!


To visually communicate about native plants, natural habitats and their function, features or issues.

Resources and Materials:

  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Paper
  • Paint
  • Chart Paper
  • Construction Paper
  • Magazines to Cut Up
  • Internet
  • Clay
  • Chalk​


  1. Examine samples of visual art that impart a message or information about a particular subject (these can be found on the internet using a Google search).  
  2. Discuss the role of art pieces in communicating a message or telling a story, and review what artists have done/included in the examples to share a story.
  3. Have children decide what story/message they want to communicate about their habitat and what visuals should be included to do so. Ideas: taking action to help nature or all the plants and wildlife that depend on nature for their habitat.
  4. Have fun and create your art piece! It could be a mural, poster, painting, sculpture or any visually creative work of art!