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​​​​​​​​​Sprouting Seeds

​Activity 1 - ​Plant Care Duties

Your plants will need some tender loving care in order to thrive. Develop a list of routines or duties for the care of your plants – you can also use the suggested list below as well. Duties can be rotated regularly so that everyone gets a chance to try everything or all plant care duties could be assigned for each person to look after their own small group of plants within the Starter Garden.​

Suggested Duties

​Water Monitor​

​Water plants on a weekly basis.  This may need to be done a little more or less frequently depending on the humidity of your indoor space.  Make sure that there is always 1 – 2 cm of water in the bottom of the b​in.
​Plant Patrol
​Remove mould/algae if required.  Take the plastic film off the tops of the starter garden if there is mould/algae to let the soil dry out a bit.  You can use the end of a spoon to gently scrape away any mould or algae off the surface of the soil being very careful not to disturb the seeds (scrape around them).

As the plants begin to germinate, there may be more than one plant per pot.  Remove the excess plant seedlings that are spindly or not as healthy. Try to have only one plant per pot.

​Light Duty
Turn the light on at the beginning of the day.

​Measure from the bottom of the light to the top of the plants.  Be sure that this is about 10 cm.  If it is less, work with an a​dult to move the height of the light upwards.  This will need to be done regularly as the plants begin to grow.

An adult will need to turn the light off in the evening.

*The light should be on ideally for about 16 hours a day. That would mean turning the light on in the morning at 7 or 8 am and then turning it off at night around 10 or 11 pm. For more information see the Caring for Your Plants section.

​Measure plants and observe plant health. See Activity #2: Junior Horticulturist Plant Monitoring section for more information.​

Resources and Materials​

  • Watering container
  • Ruler
  • Magnifying glass (optional)​​