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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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​​​​​​​​​​​​A graphic promoting the Lake Simcoe Sessions Podcast, a podcast about local climate change impacts.

Lake Simcoe Sessions Podcast

​Episode 1: Climate Change in the Lake Simcoe Watershed




What is climate change? What's causing it? and where are we headed in the future? Special Guest Fabio Tonto joins Katie Biddie to explore not only the impacts on ecosystems, but how climate models are used to predict what will happen in the future and what we can do both individually and collectively to not only mitigate climate change but adapt to it as well. Every action makes a difference even if that action amounts to eating only one chicken finger at a time.
​​Special Guest Bio

Fabio - Ep 1.jpgFabio Tonto, MEPP, P.Eng. is a Climate Change Specialist with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. He works with both internal and external partners to reduce the Authority's carbon footprint and to increase resilience to climate change in the Lake Simcoe watershed.​

Fabio is a professional engineer and holds a BSc (Eng.) from the University of Guelph and a Masters in Engineering and Public Policy from McMaster University. Over the years, he held the role of Senior Project Manager with the Research and Climate Programs section of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, the engineering manager for a stormwater treatment technology company and as the Water Program manager with Pollution Probe, a leading Canadian environmental non-profit organization.

​​Key take​aways from this episode: 

  • The releasing of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere is enhancing the natural greenhouse effect and causing climate change.
  • Scientists use climate models to help us predict the weather conditions we can expect to see in the future. These predictions are called climate projections.
  • Climate change will cause us to have warmer, and more extreme weather.
  • We need to adapt to our changing climate conditions and mitigate climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. ​

What can you do? 

  • Learn more about what is happening in your municipality when it comes to climate change.
  • Join the climate conversation and talk to your family and friends about how we can adapt to and mitigate climate change.
  • Lifestyle choices play an important role, how you eat, how you get around, and the decisions in your home over what you buy. Look for better choices (reduce your meat consumption, reduce your carbon footprint, carpool).
  • Improve the heating/cooling of your home by increasing attic insulation, upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors.

​Read the Episode Transcript