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​​​​Neighbourhood Naturalists​

Explore the outdoors with us! Join our outdoor education team as we head outside to investigate what plants and animals live in our yards and neighbourh​oods. Follow along and see if you can complete the challenge with your family.

​​Introducing Seek​

​Have you ever spotted a cool plant or animal and wondered what exactly it was? One of the best solutions to uncovering that knowledge now exists right inside your pocket - and the best part is - it’s free!

Seek is a kid-friendly nature based app that uses the power of image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals around you. There is no registration required, and no user-data is collected. Your location is never stored, and once it’s on your device it doesn’t even need a data connection to work!


​Week 1 Challenge

Can you identify 3 different plants or animals using seek? 

​Want to use Seek indoors? Check out our practice sheets:


​This episode is all about the creepy, crawly, but always cool...Invertebrates! They are animals that have no spine and include things like snails, worms, insects and even squid!


Week 2 Challenge

Can you find some invertebrates in your neighbourhood? Even better if you can name them or the family that they belong to! Use the seek app to help!

Want to practice indoors? Check out our practice sheets to help you get started!


​This episode is all about Habitats - the places where living things get all the food, water and shelter that they need to survive! Go for a walk, or look out the window and see what kinds of habitats you can find! Who do you think might live there?


Week 3 Challenge

Can you find a habitat in your neighbourhood? What sources of food, water, and shelter can you find? Use this worksheet to create a map​ of the habitat in your neighbourhood!​​