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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority > Planning & Permits > Do I Need a Permit

​​​​​​​​​​Do I Need a Permit?

If you are planning to do any work near a lake, river, stream, steep slope or wetland, you may require approval from us because the area may be regulated.

The following work requires permission in a regulated area:

  • the construction, reconstruction, erection or placing of a building or structure of any kind;
  • changes that would alter the use, or potential use, of a building or structure;
  • increasing the size of a building or structure, or increasing the number of dwelling units in the building or structure
  • site grading;
  • the temporary or permanent placing, dumping or removal of any material originating on the site or elsewhere;
  • the straightening, changing, diverting or interfering with the existing channel of a river, creek, stream or watercourse; or changing or interfering with a wetland.

If you are not in a regulated area, then a permit is not needed from us. You should still contact your local municipality (and also any applicable government agency) because they may require one.

View​ Permit and Application Fees.​​

Violation/Retroactive, Application Fee: Double Permit Fee

This application and fee are submitted by an owner or applicant with the intent of obtaining Authority approval for works which were completed without first obtaining a permit from the Conservation Authority. Submission of this application and payment of the required fee does not imply that Authority approval will be granted. All works must be shown to comply with Authority Watershed Development Policies prior to a permit being issued.

Site Clearance

These are given in special circumstances. For details, speak with one of our Environmental Regulations Analysts.