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Spring Into Scanlon

This program runs at the Scanlon Creek Nature Centre in Bradford on March 13 - 16, from 9am until 4pm. Drop-off begins at 8:50a​m. Extended camp hours available to 5pm sharp for an additional $10 per participant, per day.

Registration is now closed!

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Activity Highlights

Children aged 6 - 12 will participate in fun outdoor activities that include making maple syrup, nature photography, kicksledding, bird watching, music, games, crafts and more!​ Daily programs and activities are subject to change based on the weather forecast.​

Tentative Schedule

Date Morning Activity Afternoon Activity
March 13
Maple Syrup
March 14
Winter Walkers Beauty of Birds
March 15
March 16​
Nature Art & Photography
Beat of the Forest ​

Program Costs

​Register for one day, two days, three days, or all four days!

One day - $45
Two days - $90
Three days - $128 (Save 5%)
Four days - $162​​ (Save 10%)​​

​Beauty of ​Birds​

Campers take on the role of citizen scientist as they learn about common winter birds found at Scanlon Creek before they use binoculars at a five-station bird ID challenge.  This program also includes an interpretive hike full of fun games and activities that promote an appreciation of bird behavior, characteristics and adaptations.  If campers are lucky, a chickadee just might eat out of their hand too!​

​Make Maple Syrup​

Join our expert educators in using the techniques of early settlers to identify and tap maple trees, collect sap and help boil it down into delicious maple syrup.


Children will learn how to read and interpret a variety of maps. They will learn symbol recognition, how to estimate distances, map orientation and problem solving as they find specific locations at Scanlon Creek.

​Nature Art & Photography​

Using our digital cameras, children will learn the 6 rules of composition and the difference between using a camera for snapshots and photographic art. They will have the opportunity to take photographs, expressing their own creative views as they walk through the forest.

The Beat of the Forest​

Explore the sights and sounds, and plants and animals of Scanlon Creek, through the magic of music! Through play-based learning, campers explore and develop their sense of rhythm on an exploratory "beat hike" across the Scanlon Creek property. The basics of drumming will be introduced as participants use rhythm, pattern, numeracy and problem solving skills, to beat their very own drums, as part of a drum circle. Animal calls will be explored as campers build their very own animal call instrument. 

Kicksledding and Snowshoeing​

Try these two fun ways of moving through the forest (weather dependent) and enjoy the trails while getting some exercise!

Winter Walkers​​

Be introduced to the incredibly fun world of animal tracking through a variety of simulation games and hands on activities.  Discover the world of animals that remain active during winter and explore the different ways in which certain animals walk. Campers will investigate and better understand adaptations that allow certain animals to survive the harsh realities of winter. Using our tracking guides, participants will examine, compare, measure and infer, what types of animals have been outside lately.​

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