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​​Need some helping planting your new trees?


Is this your first time planting a seedling? Here are some quick tips and basic instructions to help! If you still need help, send a note to our forestry team and they'd be happy to help!
  • Plant your seedlings as soon as you can!
  • Keep your seedlings cool and moist (especially the roots)
  • Handle your seedlings carefully to ensure you don’t break the branches and roots

How to plant your seedlings

  1. Dig a wedge-shaped hole that's deep enough to cover the roots.
  2. Without bending or twisting the roots, place the seedling in the hole. don't worry about adjusting the roots unless they're wrapped around the stem.
  3. Put the soil back in the hole. Hold the seedling upright and plant it so the "root collar" is level with the ground.
  4. Gently pack the soil around the seedlings to remove air pockets.