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He​​​althy Land

The Healthy Land award celebrates improvement projects that help to support and protect natural heritage features​ including woodlands, wetlands and their functions; wildlife habitat; biodiversity and ecological restoration; soil erosion; and trail development.

The Healthy Land award was presented to 8 recipients in 2018:

  • ​Hossein Esmaelidaeh (Georgina) For planting 1,670 tree seedlings and shrubs on almost 1 hectare of his property.
  • Ian Smith (East Gwillimbury) – For reducing soil erosion by interseeding 800 acres of muck soil and installing a rotating finger de-dirter at the front end of his vegetable processing plant.
  • Jim Stewart (Schomberg)– For planting 4,075 tree seedlings on 2 hectares of his rural property.
  • John Nagy (Sunderland)–For planting 1,000 native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants on his property.
  • Larry Onisto (Uxbridge) – For increasing forest canopy by planting 4,575 White Pine and White Cedar trees on just over 2 hectares of his property.
  • Ontario Landscaping Ltd.– For donating numerous 60-70cm caliper Red Oak and Kentucky Coffee trees that will be planted throughout the watershed.
  • Tim Horlings (King) – For controlling erosion and reducing nutrient loss on his fields by planting 60 acres of cover crops.
  • York Bassmasters (East Gwillimbury) – For planting trees within 'difficult' and 'hazardous' designated areas, due to the steep slopes of the Holland River bank.