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​​​Ernie Crossland Young Conservationist Award

This award is presented to individuals and groups that are 30 years of age or younger and are involved in a significant leadership role in a conservation project or with a conservation-based group or organization.

Last year, the award was presented to Michael Wang from Newmarket.

Michael received this award for being an environmental hero and making our community a healthier place to live. He has been a member, the Chair, and now acts as the consultant to his school's Green Team. Michael encourages his fellow students to reduce their environmental footprint by minimizing the amount of food waste they produce. He also works with the school's Dining Services to measure and record food waste produced during lunch hours.

Some other activities and initiatives that the club has taken on so far include: running a green energy audit for the school, green actions such as planting, banning plastic water bottles and hosting a Green Week where students participate in activities to raise awareness of environmental issues.​
Past award recipients include:

  • 2017 - Eva Crothers
  • ​2016 – Simba Musewe; Mia Harwood, Kyra Bryson and the Sunderland Public School Student Body
  • 2015 – Melissa Cusack Striepe    
  • 2014 – Johnathan Purkis
  • 2013 – Kelsey Shaw 
  • 2012 – Matt Stergiou
  • 2011 – Jeff Howard
  • 2010 – Matt LeBlanc