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​​Ernie Crossland Young Conservationist Award

This award is presented to individuals and groups that are 30 years of age or younger and are involved in a significant leadership role in a conservation project or with a conservation-based group or organization. ​

Last year, the award was presented to Eva Crothers from Uxbridge.

After LSRCA's Outreach Instructor, Dana Eldon, attended Uxbridge Public School to do a presentation, Eva realized just how important it is to protect our environment. 

Wanting to do something that would make a difference, 10 year old Eva decided she would start up an Eco Club at the school.

With the support of her teachers, Eva promoted and coordinated the majority of work that went into creating the Club, which is now made up of 10 students from Grades one to four.

Some of the activities and initiatives that the club has taken on so far include, garbage pick-up in the school's nature garden, evaluating how each classroom can reduce the amount of garbage they produce, designing wall posters to make students aware of the club, designing posters placed at school printers and photocopiers to encourage less paper use, and producing eco- announcements to the entire school.

Eva demonstrates what it is to be an ambassador for the environment and is a true example of leadership.​

Past award recipients include:
  • ​2016 – Simba Musewe; Mia Harwood, Kyra Bryson and the Sunderland Public School Student Body
  • 2015 – Melissa Cusack Striepe    
  • 2014 – Johnathan Purkis
  • 2013 – Kelsey Shaw 
  • 2012 – Matt Stergiou
  • 2011 – Jeff Howard
  • 2010 – Matt LeBlanc