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​​​​​​​Lake Simcoe Conse​rvation Matters

ConservationMatters_newsletter_Apr2018_Flooding_FINAL_Page_1.jpgConservation Matters is a series of newsletters written by our team and published in Lake Simcoe Living Magazine. Each volume focuses on the ​factors that impact the health of Lake Simcoe, its watershed and its surrounding communities. This newsletter series will be published in each issue of Lake Simcoe Living, replacing the Science Newsletters​.​

He's One in a Million

Volume 6, Autumn 2019

When it comes to the environment, they say one person can’t make a difference. Our problems seem too large to be solved. But that’s just looking at the problems from the wrong perspective. Our small actions do add up and the difference one person can make is tremendous. 

​​Paul Cottenden is a shining example of how someone’s actions, taken over the course of decades, has made an immense contribution to this planet. 

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Nature Nurtures

Volume 5, Summer 2019

​As many of us know, there’s a strong connection between reduced levels of anxiety and spending time in nature. In this issue we highlight the role that Scanlon Creek Conservation Area, located in Bradford West Gwillimbury, plays in both community recreation opportunities and our outdoor education programs.​

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Managing Forests in a Time of Climate Change

​Volume 4, Spring 2019

​LSRCA has planted the seeds of persistence to manage our watershed’s forests in an era of climate change. We may be able to weather the current storms but we still need to dig deep to better understand the threats our forests face in the future. By acting today, we’re hoping to adapt to climate change tomorrow.

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Microplastics are the Last Straw!

​Volume 3, Winter 2019

Every minute of every day a garbage truck’s worth of plastic enters the ocean. Microplastics including microbeads and other plastic pollution have not only floated into our oceans and fresh water systems, they’ve drifted into media headlines and seeped into our consciousness over the past 15 years. 

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Nature is an Art Gallery

Volume 2, Fall 2018

​​Ephemeral Art, or Earth Art, is an art movement that became popular in the 1960s. Ephemeral artists work exclusively with natural materials to create works of art from debris such as leaves, rocks and even ice, sand or snow. Because of this art form's transient nature – being made from natural materials that don’t necessarily last, the pieces are generally photographed. Today, many photographs from famous ephemeral artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and others hang in art galleries and museums around the world. 

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Let's Talk About Flooding

​Volume 1, Summer 2018

A study released last ​year reveals that Canadians are largely unaware of the risks posed by flooding. The report, Canadian Voices on Changing Flood Risk, surveyed 2,300 people living in flood risk zones across Canada and found that 94% of them didn’t know they were at risk. Do you know your risk of flooding?

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