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school_tree_planting.JPG​Community Action

If you’re part of a green team at work, involved in youth organizations, or you just want to get friends and family together to plant some new trees, organize your own planting project today.

We offer funding to help community groups and schools implement their own environmental projects. 

We may cover 100% of your project costs, up to $1,000.

We support projects including:

  • Community tree planting events
  • Community workshops and/or other environmentally focused events
  • Educational materials that are connected with one of our programs or your own stewardship project
  • Innovative projects that support soil or water conservation, water quality or natural heritage

To get started, contact our stewardship staff who will guide you through the process. 

If you're looking to host a tree planting project on public land, we can work with the municipality to get approvals. Together, we create a planting plan, recommend the tree and shrub species, and order your plants. 

Project Guidelines


To assist community groups and schools implementing environmental initiatives and projects that provide educational opportunities and help improve one or more of the following: soil or water conservation, water quality, and /or natural heritage.

Eligible Projects

  • Community tree planting events
  • Community workshops and/or other environmentally focused events
  • Educational materials that promote a current approved, LSRCA-supported stewardship project project
  • LSRCA will consider innovative projects if it meets the objective of the category.

Project Details

Private individuals and governmental organizations are not eligible to apply to this category.

Priority will be given to school projects that are working with the LSRCA education department. 

All educational materials must include the LSRCA logo and be approved by LSRCA staff prior to publishing.

For work proposed on public or private land, landowner permission must be documented and submitted with the funding application.

Applicants are responsible for securing all applicable permits prior to commencing the project.

Projects must be a minimum cost of $500.00 before tax.

What costs are covered?

  • Permits
  • Engineering or consulting fees
  • Materials and labour associated with an approved project 

What isn't covered? 

  • Taxes
  • Any projects associated with non-native and invasive species
  • Enhancements for recreational use, or aesthetic purposes
  • Machinery or equipment owned and used by the applicant, family dependents or the applicant's business
  • Labour of applicant, family dependents or the applicant's business
  • If you have an outstanding violation with the LSRCA, you will not be eligible for funding
  • Work that proceeds prior to funding approval does not qualify for funding assistance

How to Apply

Please review the following documents. Please print and submit the completed forms by mail, email or in-person, to your area Stewardship Technician.
  1. Applicant Information Form
  2. Application Checklist
  3. Project Guidelines
  4. Project Profile Form

TIP: Refer to the Application Checklist to ensure you are completing and submitting all required documents for a complete application package. Only complete applications will be considered for funding assistance.

Please contact a Stewardship Technician to verify program eligibility and to answer any questions/concerns you may have about the program and/or the application process. This is a voluntary program and all calls are confidential.

Ready to get started? Contact our Stewardship team today!