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​​Taking Care of Trees

​Have you ever thought about what life was like for a tree? We have!

In fact, we spend a lot of time thinking about the impact climate change has on them. This concern is the motivation behind a Climate Change Stud​y we conducted on our forestry program. 

Our work began with a literature review to confirm and expand our understanding of what is already known about the impacts of climate change on our trees. Knowledge transfer to partners in the watershed is a key objective of our work, so we hosted two workshops with forestry practitioners from the watershed and neighbouring regions to understand their concerns and experiences, and to develop recommendations for how to adapt planting and forestry management programs. 

We learned and confirmed what we already suspected… higher temperatures, a longer growing season, variable precipitation patterns, extreme weather, invasive species - these are all having significant impacts on our forests now, and we can expect more change and challenges in the future. One of our key accomplishments is the creation of an updated tree species list that reflects what species are suitable for our changing climate, incorporating those changes into our forestry program, and sharing our
knowledge with others.

Did You Know?​ 

The White Spruce, a familiar tree species currently found in abundance throughout our watershed, is predicted to be pushed out of this area by 2050, because of climate change.

View the recommended species for the Lake Simcoe watershed.