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​Calling all Scouts and Girl Guides!

Work towards your badges at Scanlon Creek

A young girl wearing a girl guide t-shirt is standing outside, looking down at a salamander in her hand.

Join us at Scanlon Creek Conservation Area on October 5 for a fun-filled day in nature! See what critters you can find at the bottom of the creek, attract your own feathered friends with your brand new birdfeeder, or build your own shelter in the woods! 

With six different programs to choose from, scout and guide groups will have a blast working towards their badges.


Arrival and Check-in: 9:30am to 10am
Morning Programs: 10 am to 12 noon
Boomerang Lunch: 12 noon to 1 pm
Afternoon Programs: 1 pm to 3 pm​

Cost (per participant)

Half Day $10 (HST included)
Full Day $15 (HST included)


​​Morning Programs

​Girl Guides/ 

​Aquatic Ad​ventures
Photo Orienteering

X​ X​
​Birds of a Feather
Afternoon Programs​
Girl Guides/ 

Water Quality Indicators
Seasonal Celebrations X​


​​*Maximum 30 participants per program


Program Descriptions

Aquatic Adventures

​Participants survey the diversity of life found in Scanlon Creek using long-handled dip nets to search rocks, plants and the stream bottom for aquatic life. Once the creatures are captured, identification keys are used to identify and classify the organisms. Participants will also study adaptations animals have developed to survive in their aquatic habitat, and discuss how a healthy aquatic environment can be maintained.

Birds of a Feather

Discover the basics of bird watching and learn tips and tricks for locating and identifying birds. Bring your own binoculars or borrow a pair to share as we walk through different habitats at Scanlon Creek. After our birding adventure, make a birdfeeder to attract birds to your own backyard.

* Brownies, Cubs, Girl Guides, Pathfinders & Scouts will have an opportunity to use hammers and nails as they construct wooden bird feeders. An additional fee of $4 per participant (includes HST) applies. Sparks/Beavers will create simple bird feeders that do not require the use of manual hand tools – no additional fee applies.


Participants learn what to do when they are lost, using the STOP method. They work in a group and construct a shelter to contain their group's heat and cope with the elements. Participants will learn about fire safety, the fire triangle, and help build and light a real fire. This program excels at promoting group problem solving and co-operation, as participants work together to accomplish their goals.

Seasonal Celebrations

​Come enjoy the changes that occur with each new season in the park. Participants will learn about the many plants and animals that make Scanlon Creek their home and learn about their adaptations to survive the changing conditions in their environment. A variety of games and activities will help participants appreciate the changing seasons.

Photo Orienteering

Participants develop their spatial sense, compass and map reading skills in our fun photo orienteering challenge, as they learn the different parts of a compass, how to take and follow bearings, and how to read and follow a map. Armed with a bundle of photos,map, compass and writing materials, participants visit up to 18 locations, where they must take a bearing standing in the exact spot where the corresponding photo was taken. ​​

Water Quality Indicators

T​he health of an aquatic ecosystem can be determined by the presence/absence and abundance of different types of aquatic organisms, as well as certain chemicals. Students will collect water from Scanlon Creek and conduct different analyses, including testing for chemicals and looking for aquatic life. By referring to the resources provided such as identification keys, students will be able to assess the water quality of Scanlon Creek.

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