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Flood Forecasting

One of our key roles as a conservation authority is to maintain an effective flood warning system. Our Engineer has completed a new "flood control monitoring and operation plan" that includes an expanded gauging network, enhanced weather access and improved flood warning capability. Our Flood Warning Coordinator, who updates and reprints the "flood warning manual", maintains the flood warning system and coordinates these changes with adjacent Greater Toronto Area Conservation Authorities.

Coordination with adjacent Conservation Authorities is an ongoing activity. Our field staff are involved in the operation of water control structures. These staff members have the training to ensure that they are able to operate and maintain the enhanced stream flow gauge network and the flood control structures. Staff have the expertise to design and maintain the system, and to design, construct and implement additions to the system as required. During emergency situations, we are able to focus our knowledge and capabilities to ensure that member municipalities receive the most advanced warning possible.

The Conservation Authority can rely on expertise in the following areas in such situations:

  • access to provincial and federal information systems including weather forecasts, flood advisories and warnings
  • a flood watch network designed to track flood damage centres throughout the watershed
  • access to an emergency communication system including telephones, facsimile, cell phones and radios (mobile and base)
  • the emergency staff to carry out the above-mentioned activities

Find out what the current flood forecast is