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Our Programs

Our current and past activities include contributing to the protection and preservation of fish and wildlife habitat, monitoring water quality and quantity, developing shoreline vegetation, helping to develop sustainable agricultural practices, dealing with issues of increasing urbanization, engaging in reforestation, and much more. Our partnerships allow us to provide assistance to landowners, and our community-driven projects ensure the Lake Simcoe watershed remains protected and is prepared for long-term ecological well being.

Bogart Creek

The Bogart Creek Restoration Project was initiated by members of the community to improve the water quality of Bogart Creek from its source to the Holland River.

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Eastern Creek Naturalization Project

The Eastern Creek Naturalization Project restored and naturalized a 185-metre long section of Newmarket's Eastern Creek, adjacent to Southlake Regional Health Centre.

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Flood Forecasting

One of our key roles as a conservation authority is to maintain an effective flood warning system. By carefully monitoring water levels around the clock, we ensure that a flood forecasting and warning service is always ready to help municipal officials and the general public take appropriate action in a flood emergency.

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Tree cover is extremely important to the health of the Lake Simcoe watershed. The LSRCA manages large tracts of forest in an effort to to improve local surface and ground water quality, reduce soil erosion, and enhance wildlife habitat. In addition, funding is available to assist private landowners in developing forest cover on their properties.

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Landowner Environmental Assistance Program (LEAP)

Our LEAP program provides landowners with funding and technical assistance for environmental projects on their land.

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Mapping with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is a computer system capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced information - it is a tool that helps us develop highly accurate maps of our watershed. These maps have numerous applications in the management of the Lake Simcoe watershed.

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Maskinonge River Recovery Project

The Maskinonge River's water quality and quantity as well as fish and wildlife habitat have declined steadily. The Maskinonge River Recovery Project (MRRP) is comprised of many steakholder groups including the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, Save the Maskinonge, York Environmental Stewardship, the Town of Georgina, and the Town of East Gwillimbury, all working together to clean up the subwatershed.

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Planning and Permits

Regulations and information for landowners wishing to undertake alterations to their property.

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Septic System Funding Program

Properly functioning septic systems are vital for maintaining the health of Lake Simcoe and local groundwater.Grants to help fund septic system repairs or upgrades are now available to landowners with old or faulty septic systems living within 300 meters of Lake Simcoe.

Due to the popularity of this program, funding has been fully allocated and the program came to an end in March 2012.

Source Water Protection

The Ontario government passed the Clean Water Act in 2006 to protect sources of municipal drinking water supplies throughout Ontario. Under the Act, 19 source protection regions were designated in Ontario. Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority and Severn Sound Environmental Association are the partners that make up the South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Source Protection Region, one of those 19 regions.

To learn more about source water protection, go to the South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Source Protection Region website.

Uxbridge Countryside Preserve

In partnership with the Township of Uxbridge, we are working together to develop a long-term, ecologically supportive management strategy for the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve. The strategy will protect existing recreational uses and support the long-term ecological health of the property.

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Watershed Monitoring

We are continually involved in various kinds of monitoring activities: water quality testing, animal population surveys, groundwater and stream flow monitoring, and lake and river level monitoring.

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