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LEAP Project List and Funding Rates

Landowners may be eligible for grants of 50 to 100 per cent of project costs, depending on the type of project and the location of the project site. Each project category has a different funding rate and funding cap.

LEAP support is available for: Funding rate Funding cap
Controlling Cropland Erosion 50% $5,000
Decommissioning Unused Wells 100% $1,500
Diverting Runoff from Sources of Contamination 50% $5,000
Enhancing Wildlife Habitat 50% $1,000*
Improving Streams and Retrofitting On-line Ponds 50% $10,000
Irrigation Water Management 50% $10,000
Managing Manure 50% $10,000
Managing Milkhouse Waste 50% $5,000
Planting Cover Crops $25/acre
(for cost of seed)
Planting Trees and Shrubs 50-75% $6,000/$10,000**
Protecting Private Wells 50% $1,000
Rain Gardens 60% $5,000
Restricting Livestock from
75% shared on a maximum of:
$17/m installed
$11/m materials
Storing and Handling Fuel, Fertilizer and Chemicals 50% $2,000
Upgrading Septic Systems 50% $2,500 (conventional system) or $5,000 (advanced system)

* The project must be valued at a minimum of $500. In-kind contribution may be eligible.
** Buffer, Windbreak and Community Planting cap is $6,000. The rate for buffer widths is 50% for <5m, 60% for 5-20m and 75% for >20m. Reforestation cap is $10,000.

NOTE: The funding rates and caps listed pertain solely to grants from LEAP. Additional funds may be available from other environmental grant funding sources. Our stewardship technicians will ensure that you are made aware of all the grant funding programs available to you.

All LEAP applications are reviewed by a review committee including representatives from the Durham, Simcoe, and York chapters of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. Review committee meetings are held regularly. Completed applications must be received a minimum of five business days prior to the meeting.

Funding may be limited by several factors:

  • Work that proceeds prior to funding approval does not qualify for funding assistance.
  • New operations, new buildings, work associated with additions to homes, or building expansions to increase herd capacity are not eligible.
  • Funds are limited in each municipality. As a result, grants will be allocated by the committee, on a priority basis.
  • Properties are limited to a maximum of $25,000 for capital projects over the life of the program.
  • If you have an outstanding violation with the LSRCA, or other regulatory agency, you may not be eligible.