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LEAP Glossary

Bioengineering: A softer, more natural approach to streambank stabilization, using a mixture of native plantings and riverstone.

Bottom Draw Conversions: Retrofitting an on-line pond so that its outfall (the water flowing out of the pond) is now drawn from the bottom of the pond, where water temperatures are typically lower.

Failed Biologically: A septic system has failed when waste backs up into the home or liquid bubbles up in the backyard. If significant amounts of biological or nutrient contaminants reach nearby wells or surface water, the system also begins failing.

Non-native and Invasive Species: Non-indigenous species (e.g. plants or animals) that economically, environmentally or ecologically affect the habitats they invade in an adverse way.

Natural Channel Design: Retrofitting a channelized section of a watercourse using design techniques that are similar to those found in nature.

On-line Pond: A man-made pond created by widening and deepening or damming a section of a naturally occurring watercourse.

Private Septic System: A septic system used solely for a landowner's private residence.

Snake Hibernacula: A place where hibernating snakes shelter in the winter.