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LEAP Eligibility

Our staff will help you through the application process and make sure you're aware of all the funding programs available. Some restrictions apply. To find out how you qualify, contact a stewardship technician for more information or to book your free site visit.

Funding Limitations

  • Work that proceeds prior to funding approval does not qualify for funding assistance.
  • New operations, new buildings, work associated with additions to homes, or building expansions to increase herd capacity are not eligible.
  • Funds are limited in each municipality. As a result, grants will be allocated by the committee, on a priority basis.
  • Properties are limited to a maximum of $25,000 for capital projects over the life of the program.
  • Projects that must be competed due to the conditions of an outstanding violation with the LSRCA or other regulatory agency are not eligible.

Contact an LSRCA Stewardship Technician