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LEAP - How to Apply

  1. Decide which type of project you wish to undertake. This will determine specific project guidelines and the level of grant funding available to you.

  2. Download the project-specific forms/checklist and LEAP application. You may contact us to receive a complete Application Package by email or postal mail. Stewardship Technicians also are available to answer your questions and provide you with information specific to your project.

  3. Submit your grant application package by mail or in person to LSRCA's Administrative Office (Newmarket). Your application will be reviewed by a committee consisting of local representatives of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and Conservation Authority staff. Your project will be assesed according to its contribution to protecting and improving water quality in the Lake Simcoe watershed. Completed applications must be received a minimum of five (5) weeks before a LEAP Committee meeting in order to be reviewed at that meeting.

    2016 Meeting Dates & Deadlines
    Landowner Application Deadline LEAP Committee Meeting Date
    January 12, 2016 February 9, 2016
    (meeting cancelled)
    February 16, 2016 March 15, 2016
    March 15, 2016 April 12, 2016
    May 24, 2016 June 21, 2016
    July 19, 2016 August 16, 2016
    September 20, 2016 October 18, 2016

  4. Once your project proposal has been reviewed, you will be notified whether your funding has been approved. If it is, you will be asked to proceed. Note: projects that begin before funding approval is granted may not be eligible for funding.

  5. It is your responsibility to obtain any permits or approvals required by government agencies prior to proceeding with the project. Failure to obtain or comply with such permits will result in non-payment of the LEAP grant. You may also require a permit from LSRCA if your property is located within a regulated area of the Lake Simcoe watershed. Look for your property using our Interactive Regulations Map.

  6. Notify your Stewardship Technician when the project is complete and all expenses have been paid. A site inspection and/or a project audit will confirm project completion. Refer to your Project Checklist (provided to you with your funding approval correspondence) to ensure all required documentation is in order. This will include copies of invoices and proof of payment, which must be submitted with your grant claim.

Following a site inspection or project audit to determine that the work has been completed to the satisfaction of the program, and once all financial claim information is received by us, your grant payment will be sent to you. Cheque processing takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Changes to your project design, and changes in the grant amount may delay payment.

NOTE: Maximum grant money allocated and rates are subject to change without notice.