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Illustration of clean stormwater travelling from a roof, picking up pollutants from the driveway and entering the stormsewer

What’s happening near Kidds Creek?

Do you know where the rain goes? In your neighbourhood, rain runs off hard surfaces like your rooftop or driveway and flows into the stormwater drain, and eventually into Kidds Creek. This causes high levels of damaging stormwater to reach the creek during storm events, often causing flooding along the way. The rainwater also collects pollutants and sediment as it flows into the storm drain, bringing untreated water into the Creek, and eventually into Lake Simcoe.

Not too long ago, Kidds Creek sustained a population of Brook Trout as far up the creek as Sunnidale Park, but today, there are no fish there at all. The lack of fish in Sunnidale Park is directly related to stormwater surges. With your help, we hope to change that.

What Can you Do?

You can help by simply redirecting your downspout away from a paved surface towards a grassy area or garden where it can soak into the ground. Be sure to direct it at least 2-3 metres away from the foundation of your house and your neighbours property. If you're unsure where the water will flow, hook your garden hose to the end of the downspout and watch where it goes!

Further tips on how to do this safely can be found at:

Is your home near Kidds Creek?

We’ve identified the priority areas in the map below. If your home is located within the red boundary, your stormwater drains directly into Kidds Creek!