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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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Restricting Livestock from Watercourses

The purpose of this program is improve surface water quality by controlling livestock access to watercourses with proper fencing.


Landowners within the Lake Simcoe watershed may qualify for grants of 75 per cent of project costs, to a maximum of $17/m installed or $11/m materials. Additional funds may be available from other environmental grant funding sources. LSRCA Stewardship Technicians will ensure that you are made aware of all the grant funding programs available to you.


What projects are eligible?

  • Fencing Along Watercourses.
  • Livestock Crossings.
  • Alternative Watering Devices.

Project Details

Fencing Along Watercourses

  • Temporary fencing will be considered eligible but will require a signed agreement requiring the applicant to install the fence prior to livestock being introduced to the pasture every year and to maintain the fence while livestock are present in the pasture.
  • Maximum eligible expenses for cost-sharing will be $17/metre ($5.18/foot) for installed fencing or $11/metre (3.35 per foot) for materials only. Costs for any eligible gates will be considered over and above the "per foot" fencing cost.
  • Only fencing directly along a watercourse will be considered for funding. Line fences (along a property boundary) and fences where livestock are not currently pastured will not be considered.
  • Fencing must be installed a minimum of 3 metres (10 feet) from the top of any watercourse bank.

Livestock Crossings

  • Crossings can be either mid-level, low flow crossings with culverts, bed-level crossings, or above-flow crossings.
  • For bed-level crossings, gates should be installed at each streambank to allow livestock to be restricted out of the crossing. Gates should be opened only for the purposes of moving livestock to the other side for pasture rotation purposes. Watering facilities must be available on both sides of the stream.
  • To be eligible for cost-sharing on a crossing, fencing along the watercourse must either be undertaken concurrently, or livestock must already be restricted from the watercourse.

Alternative Watering Devices

  • Watering devices are eligible for funding only where livestock are restricted from the watercourse.

Note: Projects in and along waterways and ditches may need approval or permits from municipalities, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, or the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority prior to implementation. In addition, any work done on municipal drains also requires prior approval from the municipality. The applicant is responsible for acquiring all necessary permits.

What costs may be covered?

  • Engineering fees
  • Materials and labour associated with the approved project
  • Permanent and temporary fencing
  • Livestock crossings as outlined above
  • Alternative water devices such as nose pumps, spring boxes, wind and solar powered pumping units. Other systems may be considered
  • Permits.

What isn't covered?

  • Taxes
  • Primary hydro lines
  • Drilling new water wells
  • Cost of crossings solely for machinery use
  • Cost of fences not directly adjacent to watercourses
  • Machinery or equipment owned and used by the applicant, family dependents or the applicant's business
  • Labour of applicant, family dependents or the applicant's business
  • If you have an outstanding violation with the LSRCA, you may not be eligible for funding
  • Work that proceeds prior to funding approval does not qualify for funding assistance.

How to Apply

Please review the following documents. You are required to print and submit by mail or hand-deliver the completed checklist, application form and project profile as a complete application package to your area Stewardship Technician.

  1. Project Guidelines
  2. Application Checklist
  3. Applicant Information Form
  4. Project Profile Form

TIP: Use the Application Checklist to ensure you are completing/submitting all required documents. Only complete applications will be considered for funding assistance.

Please contact your Stewardship Technician to verify eligibility and to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the program or the application process. LEAP is a voluntary program and all calls are confidential.