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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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‚ÄčImproving Streams and Retrofitting On-line Ponds

The purpose of this program is to provide landowners with technical and financial help to complete projects that protect or improve water quality. By reducing soil erosion along waterways and improving the conditions of on-line ponds, water quality and aquatic habitat can be greatly improved.


Landowners within the Lake Simcoe watershed may qualify for grants of 50 per cent of project costs for eligible projects, to a maximum of $10,000. Additional funds may be available from other environmental grant funding sources. LSRCA Stewardship Technicians will ensure that you are made aware of all the grant funding programs available to you.


What projects are eligible?

  • Stream bank stabilization using bioengineering techniques
  • Dam, weir and culvert removal
  • Pond bottom draw conversion
  • Creation of pond by-pass channels
  • Natural channel design
  • Fish habitat improvement.

What costs may be covered?

  • Professional design fees.
  • Material and labour associate with the approved project.
  • Permit fees.

What isn't covered?

  • Taxes
  • Replacement of existing retaining walls or other structures
  • Gabion basket walls, steel retaining structures, concrete or solid retaining walls, armour stone
  • Pond maintenance, including dredging, removal of aquatic plants, or enlargement
  • Stocking or removal of fish or other aquatic life
  • Enhancements for recreational or aesthetic purposes
  • Machinery or equipment owned and used by the applicant, family dependents or the applicant's business
  • Labour of applicant, family dependents or the applicant's business
  • Work that proceeds prior to funding approval does not qualify for funding assistance.


  • By-pass channels and dam or weir removals must be designed to reflect natural channel design principles and must allow for unimpeded passage of fish and other aquatic life
  • Disturbed soils must be fully re-vegetated All collected water must be taken to a sufficient and legal outlet
  • Landowner will participate in project monitoring by providing seasonal post-construction photos of the site
  • If you have an outstanding violation with the LSRCA or any other regulatory agency, you not be eligible.

Please review the following documents. You are required to print and submit by mail or hand-deliver the completed checklist, application form and project profile as a complete application package to your area Stewardship Technician.

  1. Project Guidelines
  2. Application Checklist
  3. Applicant Information Form
  4. Project Profile Form: Streams or Project Profile Form: Ponds

TIP: Use the Application Checklist to ensure you are completing/submitting all required documents. Only complete applications will be considered for funding assistance.

Please contact your Stewardship Technician to verify eligibility and to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the program or the application process. LEAP is a voluntary program and all calls are confidential.