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Landowner Project List and Funding Rates

We're in the process of reviewing and updating our environmental assistance program categories and eligibility requirements. The new program will be launched in Spring 2017.

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2016 LEAP Program Project List

Up until December 2016, our LEAP program provided assistance to landowners interested in completing the following projects:

​LEAP funding is available for:
​Funding Rate
​Funding Cap
​Controlling Cropland Erosion
​Decommissioning Unused Wells
​Diverting Runoff from Sources of Contamination
​Enhancing Wildlife Habitat
​Improving Streams and Retrofitting On-line Ponds
​Irrigation Water Management
​Managing Manure
​Managing Milkhouse Waste
​Planting Cover Crops
​$25/acre (for cost of seed)
​Planting Trees & Shrubs
​Protecting Private Wells
​Rain Gardens
​Restricting Livestock from Watercourses
​75% shared on a maximum of $17/m installed, $11/m materials
​Storing & Handling Fuel, Fertilizer and Chemicals
​Upgrading Septic Systems
​50%​$2,500 (conventional system) or $5,000 (advanced system)