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Small Changes Can Have Big Impacts

An Action Guide to Improving the Waters of Lake Simcoe

Water quality is at the heart of the quality of life. Anything that any one of us can do to protect and improve the water quality of Lake Simcoe and its surrounding watershed presents an investment in our future.

Some of the problems seem quite large, yet they are often caused by the little things we do. In a way this is good news, because it means we can begin to solve the problems just by changing some of our everyday habits. This guide gives us the tools to make these changes. By acting now, we can prevent the threat of further water quality degradation from becoming a nightmare. We can make the choices and the changes that will truly make a difference.

No single, dramatic act by one person can save Lake Simcoe. But all of us, doing many single common sense things, can save it, a little bit at a time. Joining with others, we can bring a huge problem into perspective and under control.

Table of Contents

Download the complete guide. (PDF)