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Parent Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time will my child be spending outdoors?
    Most of our programs take place outside. Usually there is a 20 minute to half hour indoor introduction to the activity, then the students go outside (rain or shine) to participate. Programs are adjusted for severely cold weather, high winds, or thunderstorms only. (See a list of our programs.)

  2. What clothing should my child bring?
    Clothing should match the weather. You can review our personal equipment list to find out exactly what your child will need.  

  3. What if there is an emergency and I need to contact my child?
    If you have a family emergency telephone your child's school. The principal will make sure that you are able to contact your child.

  4. What if my child has food or other allergies?
    Make sure that you list all known allergies on your child's Health Form.  Send any required medications (e.g. epipens, puffers, etc.) with your child. Please note: If you have stated that your child needs these medications, he/she MUST have them in possession while at Scanlon Creek.  We are a completely nut-sensitive facility. 

  5. Is it safe to drink the tap water?
    The drinking water at Scanlon is completely safe. It comes from a deep well on the property and in accordance with drinking water regulations goes through a comprehensive water treatment system. Samples are tested weekly in order to ensure the purity of our drinking water.  Students may bring a reusable water bottle, but please do not send bottled water with your child.

  6. Who will be supervising my child?
    Your child's school will be sending required staff to supervise the field trip. Most classes are divided into two groups for all of our outdoor programs. Each group is led by a Scanlon staff person and accompanied by one of the "home school" teachers. All matters of discipline are the responsibility of the home school teachers.

  7. What will my child be learning at your outdoor centre?
    Your child's teacher, in consultation with our staff, has chosen the programs that the class will participate in during their stay. Our programs have close curriculum connections to complement the topics being studied by your child. Click on this link to see our list of programs.

  8. What will the weather be like?
    Often the weather at our outdoor centre is different than where you live. Check out our local weather link for current conditions.
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