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We’ll Even Come To Your Classroom

If you'd like a taste of what we offer at Scanlon Creek, one of our certified teachers will come to your classroom to deliver a curriculum-based presentation to you and your students. These 45-minute presentations are free of charge for schools in the Lake Simcoe watershed, and include multi-media presentations and 3D working watershed models.

Below is a brief description of each presentation:

Wetland Wonders – Primary/junior students learn why wetlands are important to our environment, who lives there, what threatens their health, and how we can help preserve these vital areas for everyone to enjoy.

Getting to Know Our H20 – Intermediate students learn that we all need water to drink, swim, fish and boat. Could it ever run out? Where does it come from? Where does it go?

Everything Flows Downstream – Secondary students learn about the Lake Simcoe watershed and our own local ecosystems. They’re astonished to discover that the lake not only provides our drinking water, it also takes our sewage!

Booking a Presentation for Your Classroom

Dana Eldon, Hon BSc, BEd, OCT
905.895.1281 ext.242

Dana will help you choose the right program and schedule a date to come to your school and present to your class. While she's there, other teachers at your school might want her to present to their classes. Dana is flexible and will be happy to meet your requests.