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1796907_10152803545013234_462363546250309628_o.jpg​Durham Regional Forest

The Durham Regional Forest Main Tract is comprised of plantation forests established over 90 years ago, as well as mixed hardwood areas.

This forest encompasses a 596 hectare area that is located at the top of the Oak Ridges Moraine, in the Town of Uxbridge, and is renowned for its excellent cross-country skiing, mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding.

More than 16 kilometres of trails in four marked loops and numerous secondary trails throughout the main tract. Contributes to regional and national trail networks.

What's Happening at Durham Forest

Are you wondering what will be happening at Durham Forest over the next few months? Here's an overview of our upcoming plans! 

  • Our winter harvest activities on the east side of the Main Tract wrapped up at the beginning of March. The unseasonably warm weather meant that there was some damage to double track routes from the harvest area, past Coyote Junction and out to gates on the 7th Concession. This was caused by the loaded hauling trucks. Once the frost has gone and the trails dry up, we will be re-grading the routes to remove ruts and bumps. This work is being paid for by the harvesting company.
  • We will be partnering with the Durham Mountain Biking Association (DMBA) in May to undertake some single-track trail work in the area south of the parking lot, realigning and improving the sustainability of some popular routes. We will also be closing some unsustainable and unused routes throughout the forest as we continue to ensure that the trail network is sustainable.
  • Updated mapping will be installed in the 4 kiosks in late April, showing new alignments developed in the spring and removing recent closures.
  • We have removed a number of hazard trees in and around the parking area off Concession 7, coordinating work with LSRCA staff, Hydro One and private contractors. Some additional clean-up of debris will be occurring over the next few weeks.
  • Grading of the driveways and parking areas has been arranged with Durham Region through their Roads Department, addressing the potholes that arrive with the freeze thaw cycles of spring.
  • We will continue to work with our stakeholders to identify trails that may be: realigned to improve sustainability and user experience; closed as they are unnecessary; or closed as they are unsustainable or unsafe. 
  • We're working with DMBA to realign the trails in the area harvested this winter, in and around "The Pines", to establish sustainable routing and an "out and back" option connection to the Toronto Region Conservation Authority properties to the south. This rerouting will be constructed in Fall 2017. In the interim, the Pines trail has been cleared, with some sections sign posted as closed for regeneration.