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Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area

Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area is 26 hectares (65 acres) in size, and has over three kilometres of hiking trails, eleven soccer fields, two picnic pavilions and several historic buildings including a maple syrup evaporator hut and the Sheppard family house.

Aside from the playing fields, the majority of the property is forested, and includes mature pine plantations, mixed forest, an old sugar bush, and a ravine along the East Holland River. Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area is also part of a larger network of public lands and recreation trails along the East Holland River. From here you can go as far as Holland Landing on the Nokiidaa Trail or from Palgrave to Rice Lake on the Oak Ridges Trail.

Visitors to Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area

Thanks for your patience during the recent hazard tree removal activities at Sheppard's Bush!

All trails and parking lots are now fully open.

During the recent activities, approximately 45 trees were removed in the main parking area of Sheppard's Bush. The majority of these trees were ash species in decline as a result of the invasive emerald ash borer beetle. Due to the trees' proximity to the parking area, removal was required. Some of the trees have been salvaged and will be used as construction materials for LSRCA infrastructure - a process which stores carbon long-term! The resulting space opened up in the canopy will be taken advantage of by surrounding trees who will expand their branches and leaves to soak up the extra sunshine.

As we have done for 66 years, we will continue planting a variety of native tree species across our watershed. If you'd like to join us for community tree planting opportunities, sign up here! If you are interested in tree planting on your property, we can help, check out our tree planting programs.  

Management Plan Review

Together with local residents, visitors, community groups and other interested stakeholders we're updating the Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area Management Plan. Your feedback is an important part of this review. Through this process, you will have an opportunity to reflect on the value and use of the property, changes you may have seen over the years, and most importantly, your ideas for the future.

What is a Management Plan?

The Sheppard's Bush Management Plan provides direction so that the property is cared for in a way that balances recreation with conservation. It sets goals to enhance the property and provides the strategies to achieve them. Updates to the Management Plan ensure that policies remain relevant and responsive to new challenges and opportunities. 

Process and Timeline

The Sheppard's Bush Management Plan review and update will consist of five stages:

Stage 1. Implementation Report (November 2016 – January 2017)
Stage 2. Stakeholder Analysis (January – April 2017)
Stage 3. Needs Assessment (May – July 2017)
Stage 4. Preliminary Management Plan and Public Review (September - November 2017)
Stage 5. Management Plan (January 2018)

Documents available for review:

Sheppard's Bush Public Consultation Summary
Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area Management Plan 2009