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Sheppard's Bush BioBlitz

Update: Registration Now Closed

Thank you for your interest in the Sheppard's Bush BioBlitz! Due to an overwhelming response, we are now sold out in all sessions.

Please keep an eye out for the 2018 BioBlitz! Interested in receiving email updates about LSRCA programs and events? Join our mailing list here!

Important Update: The complimentary dinner and Nighttime Creatures hike are both cancelled due to the weather. Thank you for your understanding.

An image of the Sheppard's Bush BioBlitz event schedule.

For more information, contact Christa Sharp, 905-895-1281 ext.115 or

Continental Breakfast – 8am

Complimentary bagels, fruit and granola bars.

Birding Hike with Naturalist David Tomlinson – 7:30am

​Keep your ears tuned and eyes peeled as we hike slowly along the trail. Under the expert guidance of Aurora birder David Tomlinson learn how to observe and recognize our feathered friends. Will we hear the loud drumming of the Pileated woodpecker? Will we see the black mask of the Cedar Waxwing? Come and find out! Binoculars are recommended.

Kids Wildlife Drop In Activities – 10am to 2pm

  • I spy with my little eye… our nature scavenger hunt will get little eyes and feet out on the trails searching for special items of interest. Challenging for kids of all ages!
  • Can you tell the difference between a fox, raccoon or beaver fur? Feel the differences in texture of many different kinds of animal pelts we'll have on display. Then see if you can figure out to which animal they belong!
  • Did you know that 99% of life is smaller than a bee? Use our insect collection boxes and nets to discover what tiny animals are all around us.
  • Play our invasive species matching game: which is the periwinkle and which is the garlic mustard? Test out your knowledge and learn something new!
  • Who doesn't love a personalized button? Kids, pick your favourite colours and bring the outline of Gary the Grasshopper to life. Wear that pin proudly to show your support for the BioBlitz!
  • Kids under 12, don't forget to take your nature-themed loot bag to continue the fun at home!

Electrofishing and Aquatic Insects Demonstration – 10:30am

Electrofishing is a harmless method that uses electricity to temporarily stun fish in the water, enabling them to be caught with nets, identified, and returned to the stream. This is your chance to see LSRCA's Aquatic Ecologist and certified professional Rob Wilson in action. The section of the East Holland River that runs through Sheppard's Bush is a cold water system meaning we might get to see some sensitive species such as the Mottled Sculpin or Brook Trout. These species are indicators of clean, oxygen-rich water so don't miss out this opportunity!

Ray Bolton and Kaitlin Cocks, LSRCA's Environmental Monitoring experts will also demonstrate how aquatic insects are captured - through the travelling kick and sweep method. We kick up the bottom of the stream where invertebrates live and capture them in a net. Once identified, they too are returned back to their habitat. Aquatic insects are a very important part of our ecosystem, come and see the diversity and abundance of what lurks just below the water. 

Complimentary Lunch – 12 until 2:30pm

Delicious catered hot lunch from Little Red Catering Company Food Truck. Options include: Mac & cheese, grilled veggie wraps with hummus and feta, fish tacos or shaved sirloin wrap. Salads: coleslaw, greek pasta salad, charred corn and tomato or artisan lettuce.

Streamside Turtle Search with Experts from Saving Turtles at Risk Today – 1pm

​Join us alongside experts from Saving Turtles at Risk Today as we all search streamside to see which of these ancient shelled creatures call Sheppard's Bush home. Learn how to tell turtle species apart, where they live and eat, why they are in trouble, and how we can help. Get up close and personal at the interactive showcase which includes live turtles. Come and hold these cold-blooded friends in your own hands! 

Poisonous & Invasive Plant Hike – 3:30pm

​LSRCA's Natural Heritage Ecologist Kate Lillie and Aurora resident Barry Bridgeford will guide us on a unique plant walk. Learn what plants contain dangerous chemicals you'll want to avoid! Help as we identify the invasive plants that are reducing the diversity of our native forest ecosystem. You'll never walk through a forest the same way again - not to be missed!  

Complimentary Dinner – 5pm

BBQ’d Hamburgers and hotdogs and other snacks, with a vegetarian option available also.

Nightime Creatures – 10pm

​Some animals prefer the cover of darkness. Crepuscular animals are most active just before sunset and after sunrise, nocturnal creatures at night. These animals have highly adapted senses of hearing, (like bats), smell (like opposums), and eyesight (like owls). We don't want to miss a single species in our BioBlitz so we'll rely on our human ears and expert guidance to listen carefully for the calls of these late night partiers. 

BioBlitz Species List (2015)